“Joe starts his work by forging an authentic connection with his subjects and co-creators. From that connection, which comes naturally with him, flows a freedom and ease that draws out your character – and his talented shutter finger captures it to high resolution pixels. Along with his eye for composition and technical mastery, the final results of a session with him are a delight. I would choose Joe over any other because he has developed a high level of trust in his intuition, and of course his portfolio speaks for itself. Personally, he made me feel proud of who I am and captured moments of my facial expressions that really feel like me when I look at them now. Thanks for your work Joe!”






Joe is outstanding and one-of-a-kind. He brings a unique combination of creativity, calm, and professionalism to the photography process. During my photo shoot, Joe drew out my personality and essence — which he captured wonderfully. His amazing portfolio — and the many compliments I’ve received about my photos — speaks for itself.

– Randy Brasche





“Joe was one of the first people I befriended after a perilous trek clambering over the mountains of Virginia and touching down in the hills of California. Though we shared a common bond in our interest in photography, his much more prolific than mine, I quickly grew to admire his humility, good natured optimism, and silent but forceful conviction to the people and places he loves. Having since worked with him both behind the scenes or across the lens, I can say with certainty that these are all qualities that carry over into his work. Tireless and comedic even in the most unaccommodating of conditions, Joe finds a way to put the situation to work, bring the client’s best to light, and capture the shot he needs. When you are his assistant, you are his student, and when you are his subject, you unwittingly become his friend. Both his perspective and his friendship have helped shape my understandings as an artist in search of my own voice.”

– Chris Fano




I’m an artist working in SanFrancisco. Joe was willing to come to my studio and document the work I was doing for my current exhibition. He is very professional -yet his easy going attitude makes for a very comfortable and casual experience. As many artists I was working up to the very last minute for my show and was in a time crunch to get the images to the gallery. Within the same day he took the photos and then cleaned them up so they were ready to go to print for my announcement cards and to be uploaded to the gallery website. I would highly recommend him to other artists and use him again in an instant. I also look forward to having him document me in my working studio environment and have some portraits done.

– Michael McConnell




Joe is responsible for some of the most beautiful pictures taken of me. He’s also a lot of fun to work with: spontaneous, playful, and willing to experiment. He doesn’t have a single style but is skilled at evoking a wide range of moods. He just might help you see yourself in a different way! You absolutely won’t regret getting in front of his camera.

-Matthew Bokach


Working with Joe was an amazing experience! Joe offers a unique and personable approach to help you get the most out of your photo shoot.

Prior to the shoot, Joe provided consultation to understand my objectives for the session. He provided recommendations on the approach, location and attire. On the day of the shoot, Joe helped me pick out the appropriate wardrobe for the various shots. On the set, Joe provided an atmosphere of fun, which was reflected in my photos. He coached me during the session to get the shots we needed and it was truly a collaborative effort.

I didn’t think that a photo session would be such a “freeing” and exciting experience. It was so much fun that I can’t wait for my next photo shoot with Joe!

– Butler


I’ve had several photo shoots with Joe Mazza throughout the years and will continue to utilize him for more in the future. He’s playful, fun, and pushes one to try new things. I have a tendency to be stiff and unphotogenic and he is able to work with me and loosen me up to take amazingly playful, fun and professional pictures that I’ve used both for personal use and my professional practice for advertizing. I would (and do) highly recommend Joe Mazza to my patients and friends.

– Paul-Ryan Lake DDS








My session with joe was incredeble! He instantly made me feel comfortable and explained exactly how I was suppose to look and feel durring each pose in a way I could understand. I was very happy with the variety of photos he coached me through and would love to do another session!

– Kristen Nolan




Photos with Joe are like therapy – he didn’t just direct me where to stand and where to look, but he got inside my head and made me feel, release and grow. And the outcome to this fully-complete approach to taking pictures are beautiful, stunning photos – ones that bring what’s beautiful inside up to the surface. I treasure my experiences with Joe, not because of the amazing photos, but because through the process I’ve gotten to know myself better.”

– Jon Garrison



Working with Joe Mazza was a real pleasure. He makes you feel comfortable on set. He’s not only a good photographer, but an amazing person as well. It’ll be a pleasure working with him anytime.


– Oscar Munoz

Joe is the best! As a photographer. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. Every one I know who has had their pictures done from him have nothing but praise for his work. I highly recommend him for your next set of photos

– Matthew White


Joe – It was a pleasure to work with you. You made my shoot effortless and fun.

– Hadi Yashruti





I’ve done photo shoots with Joe on several occasions, including getting my picture taken for the Bare Chest Calendar and my acting headshots.  He is a great guy and a talented photographer.  In addition to being a total pleasure to work with, he has a gift for bringing out the very best in you.  I would recommend him highly!

– Philippe Gosselin



Here’s why you should work with Joe Mazza:
Vision.  He knows how to make you look your personal best.
Artistry.  The entire shot is a work of art.  You, the background, the mood, the lighting, the content, and the composition.
Ease.  With Joe behind that camera, it’s easy to be yourself, whether you’re posing or not.  His shots are so good, retouching was more of a preference than a necessity.

– Mary Windishar