Inspiration: Garry Winogrand

In keeping with my tradition of featuring photographers that have inspired me, I’d like to call some attention to Garry Winogrand.  You may know his work, especially his famous shot of Marlyn Monroe’s skirt being blown up in New York.  While Garry Winogrand may not be a household name like Richard Avedon, his work to me represents what’s beautiful about “Street Photography”.   Garry Winogrand starting shooting as a freelance photo journalist and his work has been featured in over 30 solo and group exhibitions in some of the worlds most prestigious and galleries.   What strikes me most about his work is that he has the ability to capture such authentic and beautiful moments.  So many of his images, not only freeze a moment in time, but draw me in to each subject.  His images inspire my imagination and make me want to know more about his subjects.

You can read more about his life and work here:

New York Metropolitan Museum of Art


New York Times

Some of my favorite images!