Holiday Photo Tip #6


Ok, you’ve taken some great shots this holiday season!  Now what?  Most of us use our digital photos to share on social media like Instagram or Facebook.  Both of those sites compress the images to save space so all of your hard work may not look as awesome as they did on your screen but they are still the best way to share photos with your friends and family. 

Some photographers have used Flickr or SmugMug to share their images; these sites display your images with much better quality and user experience but they don’t integrate as seamlessly with with your social media, however you can still add a link to a Facebook post.   If you want to  share images privately, email or messenger the links from these photo sharing sites with your group.  Of the two sites, SmugMug  provides ways for your family and friends to easily order prints directly from their site.

PRINTING RECOMMENDATION: For printing and framing, I’ve used and I really loved their prices and user interface.  They provide custom framing so if you have a non-standard size image, they can build a custom Mat and Frame for it.  They’ll also frame pretty much anything so if you have a physical item or memorabilia you can send that to them and create a custom frame or frame box for it.   

POST PROCESSING: For you professional amateurs in the group with nice cameras I have one piece of advice for you: Shoot everything in RAW format so you can make those critical adjustments in Adobe Bridge or Lightroom. You’ll be able to fix the white balance, exposure or color in a more fine-tuned way.  After you’ve worked your magic you can export them as JPG files for easy uploading to social media or for prints and enlargements.

If you’re an iPhone user, the best App to buy for your post processing is  “Camera Plus”. 

If you are signed up for the Adobe CreativeCloud, you can try Photoshop Express or Photoshop Fix.  

You can print up to 8X10 with your iPhone photos with pretty good quality and there are plenty of websites that offer quality prints and reasonable prices.

I hope these tips were helpful!  Happy Holidays to everyone…go out and take some great shots!