Holiday Photo Tip #5


The angle you choose can say a lot about the photo. 

Give a little thought on the angle you’d like.  Taking a photo of a group from a “slightly” higher vantage point can be a more flattering angle for everyone. For a more extreme angle, try taking some shots from a chair looking down.  For group photos, try not to shoot UP at your subjects.  This is also super helpful when you’re taking a photo of everyone sitting at the dinner table; If you get up higher you can get everyone faces in the frame (no one will be hidden behind anyone else) as well as getting a good shot of the food on the table.   Have them all lean in just a bit and you’ve got a really well framed shot!

For iPhone users, the zoom feature on your phone isn’t very good.  Instead, walk closer to your subjects and frame them perfectly in your screen.  (If you plan to crop your photo to a standard print size leave a little room on all sides – * see tip #4)  Even for experienced photographers with a zoom lens – when you’re zoomed in it’ll create a nice depth of field but you’re also prone to camera shake and blurry photos. Make sure you have a fast shutter speed to avoid the shakes.  But when possible for group shots, don’t zoom and just move closer to your subjects.