Why Pinterest?

A few months back I posted a five part series in getting the most out of your iPhone photography, including links to several social media apps for sharing your images.  I thought I’d go a little deeper into one of those apps – Pinterest.   Pinterest has been around for 5 years now and with all of the super trendy web sites and apps out there you may ask yourself, “Why Pinterest“?   There are plenty of web sites that allow you to share photos, network or just get inspiration.  But what makes Pinterest so interesting is that it’s different things to each person who uses it.   You can share your own images or share images from any online source. You can share ideas with other users or make your boards and post private so you’re the only one who sees them.  You can get inspiration for hobbies, travel or things you dream about achieving and organize those images on a big board.   It takes the place of the old fashioned bulletin boards, photos and thumb tacks.  For the visual person, it can be an incredibly powerful tool.

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pinterest boards


How people use Pinterest:

  • Get inspiration for their hobbies or careers  (57%)
  • Store images of things they dream of having or places they dream of traveling. (53%)
  • Keep their thoughts and ideas organized (47%)
  • Share their ideas of others (52%)

It may not be useful for everyone but you can’t deny that over the past year Pinterest users have increased by 97% over the previous year: more than any other form of social media.



If you’re a dreamer, a creative person, or just need to organize your thoughts and ideas in a visual way, Pinterest is worth taking a look at.