Six Holiday Photo Tips – #4

Tip 4. POSES.

Posing people for a photo is tough.  They’re going to be looking to you for some direction and it helps if you  have a few ideas, otherwise they’ll just stand there staring at you with blank faces  :0)

A few suggestions:

  • Make sure they get close together. If they’re too far apart it can look like they don’t really like each other. LOL   This will also help you with cropping a photo to a standard size.  *
  • Put the family elders in the middle and have their kids around them.
  • Separate them into small groups.
  • Stagger the tallest in the back or have the kids sit on the ground.
  • If you have things to lean on (like a lamp post or railing) use it.  If you have objects for them to interact with, something meaningful or fun for the group like presents, cocktails or anything fun, bring those out and play with with them.
  • Also: Be ready for spontaneity. Sometimes the best photos come when people don’t know it’s coming; they happen between shots. Look for those moments! You’ll catch people laughing, goofing around or being silly. These moments can be the most precious. A.B.S = Always be shooting! You never know what you’ll capture.

* If you think you’d like to print the photos: frame your shot with a little room on all sides so you can crop the photo. (roughly: a little on the top and bottom and a bit more on the sides) Most digital cameras, including iPhone photos are 4:3 ratio so if you want to crop these photos to a standard 8×10 crop, make sure you leave that room to crop it the way you want.