Bringing fifteen years experience in photography and story telling into every service I provide.


To that end, here’s what’s new: As well as commercial photography, events and corporate headshots,  I now offer video production, social media asset creation and account management, Drone and Areal coverage and graphic design, photo retouching and restoration.  All of these skills are used to create some memorable campaigns.

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Book a professional shoot when your selfie just won't do.



From the small and intimate to a huge convention. Events tell a story.



Make your images POP



Product photos directly affect your sales!



When your product is a physical space, it needs to look amazing!



“Working with Joe Mazza was fantastic from start to finish – he helped us reach a larger audience for our show and elevated our video assets to make them more energizing and professional. And he was a joy to work with – friendly, communicative, and handled everything in a timely and thoughtful manner. He was an invaluable member of our team!”
– Margaret Jenkins, Artistic Director (Margaret Jenkins Dance Company)

I have a variety of packages designed to give you original, creative social media posts which are unique to your brand!  I will help you promote your products, upcoming events, projects, testimonials or special offers.  All packages include: Consultations, custom designed images and ads optimized for all social media platforms. 

Services include:

  • Targeted campaigns for your product, event or brand promotion.
  • Social Media posts for all platforms.
  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Snapchat.
  • Custom Reels.
  • Animated Gifs.
  • Video editing and video posts.
  • Photo post processing.
  • Fine-tuned professional photo retouching.
  • Social Media management.
  • Custom photo shoots: Product, fashion, environmental, team headshots, events, asset creation. 

Getting Started:

You are one consultation away from being able to hand off your social media accounts or your graphic design work load so that you can concentrate on running and growing your business. Contact me for a consultation so we can determine your Social Media needs and design a package that works best for your needs and budget.


Raise your Brand and Sell your Products!

Joe completely understands my brand and delivers incredible images. He not only gives me what I ask for but he also gives me ‘out of the box’ shots that I have been able to use in my social media and advertising. His professionalism and keen eye have been a huge asset to my business. – Peter Papas (Blade and Blue)

My approach to fashion: is It’s not only art, it’s a lifestyle. I like to keep the images fresh with movement and energy. Since the attention span of most social media users is very short, I realize that the images need to grab their imagination. The eye should be drawn in by the energy and then to the garments.

Fashion shoots are very brand specific. I’ve worked with production teams, stylists and editors to bring their vision to life. I’ve also worked with smaller companies and have helped guide their marketing strategy. See Portfolio for more examples!

Contact me today to get started!


Drone footage creates drama and context. Even a few well placed drone clips can add so much depth and professionalism to your video. I’ve been offering Drone footage and Areal Photography for the past four years on various projects. It’s not necessary for every project but when it’s called for, the results are stunning. Some of the best usages for Drone Photography:

  • Real Estate Sales.
  • AirBnb Listings.
  • Corporate videos.
  • Events.
  • Wedding Videos.
  • Any project where the environment is the product.

Here are some examples:

A project for an Airbnb rental to show off the location, the golf course and surrounding beauty. – Sedona, Arizona
This is an INTRO to a mock P.B.S. Nature documentary I did for Pan American Seed. The script and dialogue was written by them and I interpreted the visuals, shot and edited the footage. I also did the narration.


As media changes, so must photographers.  We aren’t just photographers, we are asset creators.  54% of companies who market on social media say that video is the the most important form of media for getting their message out.  However, it accounts for only (average) 15% of online posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   TikTok is 100% video and has one of the largest audiences.  

The video service I offer is for online content and is created to stop people from scrolling and capture their attention.  Facebook and Instagram offer “Reels” and they are fast becoming more popular than posts.  I always recommend at least one video post a week.  All of the video I create is specifically formatted for each online platform and is in line with your own brand and style. 

  • Educational.
  • Promotional – Sizzle reels.
  • Informational.
  • Documentary.
  • Entertainment.

Most online videos are 30seconds to three minutes long and should always be shot and edited to keep people engaged. I’m a big believer in having elements of “Entertainment” in any online video.

Here’s one example of a “Sizzle Reel” to announce a product:

From a summer campaign for Blade and Blue – formatted as an Instagram and Facebook “Story”


When you need more than a “selfie” to promote yourself.

” It’s my goal as a photographer to recognize the vision you have for your project and to translate that vision into beautifully captured images, video or social media content.  I am most interested in getting a sense of what’s unique about you, or your company and brand. It’s important that you feel comfortable and excited about your project. The style, location and wardrobe are discussed before your shoot, but we also leave room to explore spontaneous and creative moments. It’s often in those moments that we get our best shots of the day.”

Individual Headshots – $450

The rate for your shoot will vary depending on location, lighting and time. A basic shoot for headshots and portraits shot outdoors with natural light starts at $450 Your shoot time is approximately 2-hours and includes a few wardrobe changes and location/background changes. Please contact me with the details of your shoot to receive a quote.
Included in this package: 2 edited and retouched full resolution jpg files and a link to download all the full sized jpg’s from your shoot.


Studio photo sessions with hi-end strobes and your choice of backgrounds.  The costs vary depending on your needs. Contact me to discuss your project!

*Actors and corporate shoots: Your headshot session includes a phone consultation focusing on capturing the best shots to market yourself.

  • Additional retouching is available at $80 per hour editing time. Simple retouches take 20-30 mins per photo.
  • Proofs available online five working days after your shoot. Rush proofs are available.
  • Additional fee for travel outside San Francisco

See my portfolio for more headshots!


Every event I photograph has its own unique energy special story. My goal is to capture that energy and that story, and translate it into beautiful images that you can use to not only promote future events but to also promote the energy of your brand. Whether I photograph intimate affairs or huge conventions with thousands of people, there is always an interesting story or narrative.

Types of events that would benefit from hiring a professional photographer:

  • Corporate Retreat.
  • Conventions.
  • Weddings.
  • Family gatherings where you’re all finally together and want professional photos
  • Educational summits.
  • Any special event where you want to show off and promote your space.

Every event shoot includes the following:

  1. A consultation to go over your timeline and any ‘must-have’ photos.
  2. A full or half day of shooting.
  3. All images will be fine-tuned for contrast, color, exposure, cropping and select special artistic edits.
  4. The images will be delivered in both hi-resolution print files and smaller web optimized files for posting online.
  5. All of the the web-quality images from the event will be hosted on a customized proof site and will be available to all participants and guests to view and download.
  6. Proofs are delivered in one week. (Rush delivery is available).

A full day rate for events: $1,500

See my portfolio for more event photos!


A photograph is a moment frozen in time, forever.  It allows the viewer to study every aspect of it.  For that reason, every photograph you see in every magazine and advertisement has had some work done.

Retouched images are Photoshopped, ready to print or post on-line with a fine tuned contrast, color, and softened blemishes. The retouching is subtle but makes a big difference.  Most simple retouches can be done in about a half hour while fixing more extensive issues will take quite a bit longer.

Retouching rate is $80 per hour (billed on the half hour)


Memories are precious and photographs are a powerful reminder of our family history. As a photographer and retoucher, I was the logical choice to breathe new life into our family photos. After we lost some very important family members, that job became even more important to me. I understand how important your memories are to your family and I bring over 15 years of experience and love into every photo I retouch and restore. 

How to get started:  Contact me and let me know about your project. Tell me a bit about the history, how you’d like your photo to look and what your deadline is. 

I’ll send you instructions on how to scan your photos or if you don’t have a scanner you can send me the original and I will digitally scan it for you. Once I’m done with your image, I’ll return the original and you can download the print file and send it to your own lab or you can order your print and get it framed directly on my site.


I can’t stress this enough, how you present your products online can make or break your sales.

Product photography is an art unto itself! Each client has a very specific need when it comes to their products. The simplest being an online ‘catalogue’ shoot on a white or dark background to match their websites. Some are “lifestyle’ advertising shots that show the product in its natural environment or in use.

If you’re spending the time and money to set up product shoots I make sure that your specific needs are met and then I like to suggest different shots that you can use in social media. Let’s make the most out of your shoot!

Product shoots come with:

  • A variety of backgrounds.
  • Fine tuned color and contrast corrections.
  • Cropped, formatted or watermarked to your specifications.

Additional services:

  • Detailed retouching.
  • Graphic design for online Ads.

For a more detailed look at my product work

And here are a few quick examples:


When your physical space is part of your product, show it off!

Capturing what’s unique about your location is the main job of a good photographer. There are lots of reasons why you need professional images to promote your space:

  • Restaurants.
  • Event Spaces.
  • Real Estate Listings.
  • Airbnb rentals.
  • Apartment Rentals.
  • Contractor or Builder Projects.
  • Historical Spaces.
  • Office Space.
  • Impressive features of your business (like giant warehouse or green house space).