One man, six different photographers with very different results

My friend Michael sent me a link to this article today and it really moved me. The focus of the article and accompanying video was on the artistic eye of the photographer; specifically, how portraits can be shaped by the photographer’s point of view rather than just the subject being documented. In this video, the same person was photographed by six different photographers – the twist: Each photographer was given different information as to the background of the subject. The subject’s backgrounds were varied and fictional. The result: incredibly different portraits of the same man.

In my work, I strive to bring out the personality of each subject I photograph. Getting to know who that person is shapes the style and direction of each portrait. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects to my craft. This article really hit home and reminded me of how important a photographers eye and vision is to portraiture.


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Thank you Michael Armentrout for sending me the article.